Migratory Bird

Artist: Luis Alfonso Villalobos
From March 25th, 2017, through July 29th, 2018


In collaboration with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona and the Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Luis Alfonso Villalobos, along with Rowan Burkam, presents the video Ave peregrina (Migratory Bird) as an essential part of an onsite installation. The work of Villalobos alludes to modern architecture, especially Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. In his compositions he uses design, geometry, and painting as elements subject to nature, which is assimilated in turn as origin and final end. The rhythms are marked by immemorial routes and migrations that transcend human agency, however much it may seek to efface them.


For the first time, an artist has intervened into the façade of the MAZ. The installation descends into the lobby and continues outside, managing to modify the architecture of the museum frontally. On a printed mural that covers glazed section of façade beneath the vaulted roof, Villalobos combines a precisely conceived design inspired by Wright’s furnishings with two white macaws whose contours have been delineated down to the last millimeter, through an improbable arithmetic. The artist uses technology as a creative tool, but he also seems to underline its confrontation with nature, denouncing the destructive urge that dominates human obsessions.