point line space time | Peggy Espinosa + Impronta

Peggy Espinosa, editor-designer (Petra Ediciones)

in collaboration with Impronta Casa Editora


From June 19th to October 23rd, 2022


punto línea espacio tiempo [point line space time] explores the conceptualization, design, and creation of a book through graphic design exercises conceived by the designer (and director of the publishing operation Petra Ediciones) Peggy Espinosa. Normally, the conceptualization of a book is developed in the course of its design and layout (grids, dummies, typographical exercises, corrections), but this is never shown explicitly in the book. One of the aims of the exhibition is to reveal the traces of these processes.


In this way, the pieces created by Peggy Espinosa for this exhibition seek to open windows onto the process of book production, exploring its rhythms, spaces, and silences. This presentation of the processes endeavors to make manifest the ways of seeing and the hidden languages that we engage with in the act of reading a book.