Estudio abierto 4: Time Machine

Claudia Cisneros
From September 11th to February 1st, 2015


Apendix EA4:

Marina Abramović / Francis Alÿs / Diane Arbus / Patty Chang / Valie Export / Dora García / Douglas Gordon / On Kawara / Sol LeWitt / Alicia Medina / Robert Morris / Roman Ondák / Susana Rodríguez / Hiroshi Sugimoto


Performance Workshop:

Ramiro Ávila / Laura Bordes / César Castillo / Alma García Gil / Alicia Menchaca / Olivia Ramírez / Héctor Rentería / Nayeli Santos


Estudio Abierto 4 proposes a mechanism to activate the construction of parallel timelines. Through language, the artist Claudia Cisneros launches a device in which the spectator is replicated by means of narrative.


The Time Machine operates in two stages. In the first stage, the visitor’s movements in the space will be recounted for a lapse of just a few seconds. In a second stage, the machine is propelled by the visitors, who can make predictions to be fulfilled a few days later, so long as they succeed in predicting the future.


In line with her previous works, Cisneros turns her gaze toward “others” as a linguistic phenomenon, inviting them to join in a conversation. The artist draws on the presence of the public in the creation of her projects and explores the very notion of authorship.


The work of Claudia Cisneros serves as a reference in creating an appendix of the work of pioneering artists in the field of performance, whose records are exhibited alongside other more recent pieces with similar concerns. These include minimalist works and others that deal with the themes of the double, of mystery, and of the film noir esthetic.