From May 29th to July 26th, 2009


Radioglobal is a means of performative interaction that seeks to contact by creating an open network of musical and visual content, proposing an alternative and independent cultural option.

Radioglobal is created and reproduced in a virtual field undermined by ludic instances. Immersed in a seemingly incautious aesthetic, his radio speech is spread through music and party, noise and art (visualized this from its most childlike and light principle, stripped of any established guidelines), and the constant traffic of individuals with like-minded ideas that get richer as their geographic network expands: their profile is a mutable entity that is always defined from its context.

We transmit over the Internet 24 hrs. of the day from Tijuana, Guadalajara, Puebla, Mexico, D.F. Monterrey, San Diego, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Colorado and Paris.



*Exhibition views: Vanessa Ramos